Take me to your leader

Are you a former NAYEC young entrepreneur? Now’s your chance to be a Leader. The Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) was introduced in 2008. Each year, nine youth who have previously attended the camp, will be chosen for Youth Leader Positions. Youth Leaders attend the camp to provide mentorship to campers, leading them in generating business ideas, understanding aspects of a cash flow, and planning their business.

Youth Leadership Training Benefits

Youth Leadership Trainees benefit by the development of leadership capabilities, team building skills, and community entrepreneurial spirit. The youth accepted into the YLTP program attend training sessions two days prior to the camp start date. They participate in various leadership and communication workshops. Upon completion of this training they go to the camp and practicetheir leadership skills. These skills also encourage youth to develop and become leaders in projects, school clubs and sports teams. Many of these skills become useful in their everyday lives. It gives them more confidence in themselves and encourages them to take on a leadership role in groups.

School Credit: Under the Career and Technology Program (CTP) some of the Youth Leaders are now able to receive three high school credits under CMH 2030 – volunteerism, Ent.1010 – Challenge and opportunity “Getting the idea,” Ent. 2040 Intermediate “Making it Happen.” In order for the Youth Leaders to obtain credits they must submit the following to their principal:

  • Course Content Outline
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Youth Leader Manual
  • Log of Camp (to justify volunteer hours and reflection component)

Leader Roles

The nine youth in the Youth Leadership program are designated to work with one of the business teams throughout the week. They work with the team leader to help the campers learn and understand the business material presented. Having the background knowledge from a previous year at camp, the Youth Leader assists their business team in generating ideas, understanding aspects of a cash flow and planning their business. Youth Leaders are selected based on the answers to the essay questions that form part of the application. Pick up your application form from your local Community Futures Office, your school office or by CLICKING HERE.